ejecutivo MC21
"We work on the patient´s behalf. At MC 21 we give support to physicians for the adequate dispensation of medication." -
"In Puerto Rico and Colombia we are pioneers in the development of collaborative formulas with private and public health institutions." -
MC 21 Colombia is a company focused on the development, implantation and management of pharmacy benefits programs.

The model

MC21 Colombia develops a management model that supports health insurance providers and other entities responsable for the supply and payment of medication, and those which take the clinical and financial risks of all operations involving the coverage of out patient drugs, in order to achieve better health results for their members, while making a more efficient use of the resources.

The benefits

Our integrated model allows for a more effective level of medication management in terms of patient´s safety, cost effectiveness of pharmacological therapies, efficiency and lower cost ratio.

medicamentosThe knowledge and the specialized scientific information on drugs and medication, the clinical alerts in real time to support the physician´s prescription process, the availability of information in real time, which is standardized and consolidated in BIG Data, and insurer/payer support system to generate a culture of sound medication utilization by physicians, are the differentiating features of MC21 Colombia´s management model.

The model is also supported by a specialized technological platform that ranges from the physician´s treatment plan through the dispensation of medication to patients. It integrates prescription and dispensing information, in real time, to help with the strategic decision making process.

The coverage

At present, our PBM system operates in 26 departments and 152 municipalities with 5,118,880 members, and connects 241 IPS, 2,274 physicians, 87,000 transactions per day, and 0.3 second response rate, by the integration of our technological platform with the insurer´s assistance system.

The history

MC21 Colombia shares the expertise, knowledge and support of MC21 Corporation, a leading PBM with an 18- year trajectory in the pharmacy benefits management market in Puerto Rico, creating an integrated drug utilization management model that has generated savings in medication costs for over $2 billion in the last 18 years.