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The Advantages of Having a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)

  • Improves patient´s safety by avoiding the health risks associated with medication use.
  • Supports health professionals by providing the scientific evidence to improve the management of medication.
  • Improves the reasoning and adaptation of drug formulations with high health impact.
  • Controls the costs and lack of quality in the prescription and dispensing of out-patient medications.
  • Integrates the information on medication utilization by all providers in a standardized and homogeneous manner.
  • Provides immediate on line information to support decision making.
  • Integrates medical services with pharmacy benefits management.
  • Achieves savings while improving the quality of patient´s healh care.
"We promote programs that support the patient´s safety in the use of out-patient medication. By doing so, we demonstrate that the experience of a model, when applied to other health models, is a key opportunity to positively impact the risks in the use of out- patient medication by institutions. In that way, we promote better safety and quality of care, while obtaining savings." -